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Twelve Weeks

Obstacles or feeling restricted in some way is part of everyone's life experience at sometime or other. Facing our fears and overcoming challenges requires courage and faith.

Twelve Weeks was born out of the length of time the course of my eye treatment  was going to require. Most of the sight in my right eye was lost and all I could see were patches of grey. The most identifiable and saturated colour was pink.

The monotype background has been layered with patterns of vintage numerals 1 and 2, which make up fence like grids inferring the twelve week time period, and the sense of restriction that I needed to overcome during the treatment.

Monotypes 12 x 12 cm

£70  (in 20x20cm mount)

1: Finding the edge

2: Reach                        SOLD

3: Enclosed

4: Other side                  SOLD

5: Beyond                      SOLD

6: Encircle

7: Obscured 

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