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Owning a bespoke piece of art that has been created especially for you is an exciting experience. Not only will you own an original painting to decorate your home, but it will have a meaning unique to you.

"Every piece and every customer is different."

Commissioning a painting can be quite a daunting thing if you have never done so before. What to ask for, size, pricing, payment, etc.…So, to make the process easier for you please read the guide below.

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The Commissioning Process:

1. Initial Consultation 


The initial consultation is completely free and involves a conversation to discuss ideas for your commission. Some customers have seen a particular painting of mine either in an exhibition, on my website or Instagram and want one similar, others have ideas of what they would like created for them.

During the consultation we will complete a design brief recording your subject for the piece, size, surface/substrate, medium, colour palette and price.

You may wish to provide me with photographs of a favourite place, personal references you wish to be included or swatches of colours or fabrics of your interior. This is very much your unique painting, so your input is important at this stage.The time scale for a painting varies on several factors and will be discussed during the consultation so a reasonable completion date can be agreed.      


The consultation would ideally take place in the location where the painting will hang, however, if you’re not local to me, we can do this on a video call.


2. The Painting Process / Finalising                 


After the initial consultation I will create an inspiration board and initial sketches for your painting based on the information discussed in the initial consultation. It will guide my creative process whilst working on your painting.

Every painting I create is unique piece of work and therefore I cannot exactly replicate a previous painting. I paint intuitively, building layers and responding to the painting as it develops. It is important that clients know and understand my work and that it aligns with their aesthetic expectations.

Once the painting has reached a “completed” stage I will invite you to view the piece. It is at this stage before framing that small tweaks can be made if agreed to by both parties and which don’t compromise the integrity of the artwork.


If you wish the piece to be framed this can also be arranged or I’m happy to give recommendations.    



3. Postage

When the painting has been finalised your final payment will be due. Once this has been received you can collect your bespoke artwork, if you live nearby, I am happy to deliver it to you or postage can be arranged as an additional cost.


4.Price List

Each piece is priced individually based on size, substrate (paper, canvas, wood panel) and medium. However, a guide price can be provided on initial enquiry.

Framing and postage will be quoted separately if required.

I’ll send you a quote and, once agreed, a 30% deposit secures the commission.

Payment Terms: A non-refundable down payment of 30%


5. Satisfaction.

If you are not completely satisfied with your commission, then there is no obligation to buy and your deposit will be returned to you. though it would be on the understanding that I have permission to sell the painting in the future. 


Please contact me if you would like to discuss your commission. I look forward to turning your vision into reality.

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