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I’m a self-taught artist working in the outstanding Surrey Hills area. I create expressive abstract and semi abstract paintings using acrylics and oil and cold wax paints. My works on paper include inks, monotype prints and mixed media .

Anni Albers

"Art is something that makes you breath with a different kind of happiness"

In my pieces I explore the individual’s emotion and sensory relationship with nature; what is vision and experiences of sight loss.

Passions and inspiration

Being in the landscape and nature are a constant source of inspiration and a space to be in touch with my emotions. I love the feeling of energy I get from reaching the top of a hill and then being rewarded by the stunning views. Walking our new cockerpoo puppy in nearby woods and along our local river, The River Mole is bringing new experiences and I'm seeing the landscape from different perspectives. Hills, cliffs, trees, stoney paths and the wonder of daily events, such as the changes in the weather, sun sets and seasons have symbolic meaning. My work is an expression of the emotions felt in the moment. By conveying my reaction to the landscapes I love, I invite the viewer to connect with their own experiences and memories too.  .

My abstract paintings explore those moments of time whether they be love, joy, wonder, fear, loss, acceptance or courage. During Covid Lockdown I suddenly became partially sighted in my right eye.

The theme of vision, how we see and the effect of sight loss has inspired a series of prints and ink work, exploring the emotions of fear, loss, acceptance and courage.

I believe that through creativity I have gained a deeper understanding of myself; I continually find new ways of expression and develop a deeper conversation with those I come into contact with.

Debbie Tearle

"Through the process of creating both my art work and I go on a journey of discovery and awareness."

Paintings, Prints and Mixed Media

​My work starts with carefully observation, using photography and sketches. Through the expression of my visual language of lines and shapes I record what I see and feel. My paintings are initially planned with composition and medium considered, but then I work on the pieces intuitively, responding to the movement of paint and the expressive marks that I make as I'm creating. The colours, textures and patterns found in nature inform choices of palette and substrate. I combine  materials that are most suitable for expressing the subject matter for a piece or series of paintings. My imagination and memory informing the development of the painting.

I like to use standard and non-standard tools on both my paintings on canvas or wood panel and works on paper. Often, they can be stones, rocks, twigs, seed heads that I've collected whilst on walks or ones I'm experimenting with in the studio such as kitchen and diy tools, for example pastry brushes, skewers, bowl scrapers, plastering smoothing tools and screws. I use solvent and scratch between the layers of paint revealing what has been laid down earlier and the history of the work. Glazes of colour are applied to develop the surface and create complexity in the images. 

I create unique monotype prints using gelli plates. Once the layers are dry, I may draw on the surface using acrylic ink or paint.

Exhibitions and Galleries

I have exhibited in group shows in London, The Cotswolds and Surrey,  represented by galleries in Surrey and participated in Surrey Artist Open Studios annual events. 

See my exhibitions page for details of current and future exhibitions and events.

​I am member of:


  • ArtCan

  • Wildwood Artists, lead by Liz Hauck

  • Ginger Cactus Art, lead by Alison G Saunders

  • Leatherhead Art Club

For every purchase of one of my pieces, I pledge to donate 10% of the profits to charities supporting sight loss in adults and children.

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