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Seeing Pink
Series 1

Seeing is both an action of observation and understanding. What we see maybe unclear or blurred and affects our interpretation of the world, both on a physical and emotional level.

This series of Monotypes were created over a period of twelve weeks in response to treatment I was having for loss of vision in my right eye. There are varying amounts of grey and black signifying the clarity of vision and my emotions around being partially sighted. I was horrified when I could not identity all the wonderful colours I love and create with. They had all disappeared or become a darker tone. Pink was the only colour I could see.  The numerals 1 and 2 create a fence restricting what I was able to see and do as well as a cage holding me in this condition.



£125 (in 40x40 mount)

Seeing Pink 1                 SOLD

Seeing Pink 2 

Seeing Pink 3

Seeing Pink 4                 SOLD

Seeing Pink 5                 SOLD

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