Moving forward

These oval tunnels of colour represent our personal stories. Moving forward towards the light we are invited to consider and examine what is central to us at any one time. We are able to travel from the edge, to the  centre and back again, echoing how our thoughts and emotions constantly shift. We feel expansion and contraction as we bounce back and forth in our contemplation. 

For me they were an expression of the acceptance of partial sight and the journey of self discovery required for that to begin to happen. I am still slowly moving forward and often stumble back!

Alcohol inks have been manipulated by blowing and pushing the pigment to form layers of colours that merge and overlap. Each image has symbolic marks  and embellished with metallic paint.

Alcohol ink on yupo paper.


£225 (in 40x60 mount)

1. What we long for                        SOLD

2. Shifting

3. On the edge of what is possible

4. What we recognise                     SOLD

5. Yearning for return

6. Finding acceptance

7. In the distance


9. Approaching the void

10. Expanse

11. Consuming

12. Unfolding

13. Stillness

14. Recognising flares

© Debbie Tearle

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